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5 Best Women’s Laptop Backpack for Work In 2024

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Laptop backpack is very important for any working woman now a day’s. But finding the best women’s laptop backpack for work get’s very difficult if you don’t have any idea about the brand, quality, and specification of that backpack.

In this article, we have discussed some of the most important factors that you must consider before purchasing a laptop backpack as a working woman.

How to Choose Women’s Laptop Backpack


If you are going to purchase a laptop backpack then you must have to make sure that the laptop can fit properly in your backpack. To make this easy you can first measure the laptop width and depth before selecting a backpack.

Also, keep in mind that always purchase a laptop backpack with size atleast one-inch longer and wider than a laptop.


Another thing that you must consider is compartments and pockets. Some backpacks come up with multiple small compartments and few pockets, while some come’s up with one main compartment and multiple pockets. You must make sure that you choose a backpack which has enough compartments and pockets to accommodate all your stuff easily.


There are other features that you check before purchasing a backpack like a USB charging port and headphone jack. These features can help you to charge your devices and listen to music easily.


Last but not the least, you must also check the fabric and material of the backpack. Some backpack materials are highly water-resistant while some are light water-resistant. So by getting information about the material of the backpack you can determine whether this backpack will last longer or not.

Hope you will get an idea about the factors you should consider before buying a laptop backpack. It’s time to move toward the list of 5 best laptop backpack that are best for working women.

5 Best Women’s Laptop Backpack for Work

There are the 5 best women’s laptop for work based on factors mentioned above.











1. MANCIO Slim Women’s Laptop Backpack For Work

At the top of the list is our MANICO slim laptop backpack. This backpack is made with oxford fabric which is a lightweight tear-resistant material. It can protect your laptop and other stuff from outside damage. Additionally, the adjustable, padded straps help in balancing the pressure on your shoulders so you can carry backpack for a long time.

If we look inside there are a total of 5 small and large compartments for storing and organizing your stuff. The main laptop compartment can easily accommodate your15.6 inch laptop as well as 15, 14, and 13 inch MacBook. On the front, there are 2 zip pockets for placing your smartphone, tablet, wallet, books, or other stuff. Other than that, there are 2 external side pockets for placing water bottle and umbrella.

Apart from side pockets, there is also a USB charging port with a built-in charging cable and pocket inside. This feature can help you in charging your smartphone while walking. It is to be noted that the power bank doesn’t come up with a backpack.

There are some weak points as well like the backpack doesn’t comes up with any security lock feature. Also the external pockets are little smaller in size. Overall this laptop backpack is perfect for office work, business trips, and other outdoor activities

  • 5 compartments for storing laptop & other items
  • 2 internal & 2 external pockets
  • USB port for charging
  • No anti-theft feature included
  • External pockets are smaller in size


2. Kroser Women’s Laptop Backpack for work

At the second spot is kroser laptop backpack. It is one of the most classy and stylish looking backpack for women. It comes up with a studying model that essentially doesn’t look like a backpack. Moreover, this backpack will blend with most of the outfits.

Talking about the material it is made with polyurethane-coated leather and durable nylon. This material helps in making the bag spill-proof. It will protect electronics and other important documents from getting wet from rainwater and any other accidental water spills.

The backpack comes up with enough space to easily store a laptop or tablet along with other essential things. It can easily accommodate a laptop up to 15.6 inches in size but you can also use it to store different things as well like clothes or books.

There are two side pockets on the exterior side that can be used to carry a water bottle and umbrella. Apart from two external side pockets, there is one pocket on the front to carry additional accessories.

A USB port is another attractive feature of this backpack. You can use a USB port to charge your smartphone or tablet while carrying your backpack. It also needs to be noted that a power bank is not included with backpack and you have to purchase power bank separately for your devices.

Other than that, backpack is also padded from both back as well as wearing strips to protect your laptop and important accessories from any damage. Not only wearing strips, there are also two leather handles on the top of the back which blend with the back belts.

Although the backpack comes up with a classic design and excellent features there are some weaknesses as well. One of the main weakness is not providing any anti-theft feature. Apart from that backpack doesn’t come up with full waterproof material. Although the backpack provides basic water resistance but not fully waterproof.

  • Classic design & good storing option
  • USB port for charging
  • No anti-theft feature
  • Not fully water-resistant material


3. LCNC Laptop Backpack For Working Women’s

This laptop backpack is specifically designed with an anti-theft feature. It provides a fixed password lock and high quality and durable metal zippers which helps in protecting your laptop and other valuable items inside your backpack. So you don’t need to worry about anybody opening your backpack easily.

The backpack also comes ‘up with good space. There are 2 compartments and 10 pockets in the backpack. Out of two, one main compartment with padded laptop sleeves can accommodate 15.6 inches laptop as well as 15 inch MacBook. Other than the main compartment there is a front compartment to organize and find items easily. 10 small and large pockets can also help in storing other accessories.

Built-in USB port support, charging cable, and headphone slot are other essentials features that come with this backpack. This feature can help you charge your device while you are on your way. A headphone jack can also help in enjoying music with free hands.

Taking about the quality, the backpack is made up of oxford fabric which is a water-resistant material. It protects your laptop from drizzling (not heavy rain) and ensures long-lasting usage of the backpack. The company also offers a 1-year warranty and claims to provide excellent customer support.

Although the backpack comes up with antitheft features and good storage option, sometimes security lock issue arises while opening or closing the backpack

  • Anti-theft backpack with security lock
  • 2 compartments & 10 Pockets
  • USB port included
  • Sometimes security lock issue


4. Hethrone Laptop Backpack For Working Women’s

Hethrone Laptop Backpack comes with a dedicated laptop compartment to hold your 15.6-inch laptop as well as 15 and 14-inch Macbook. Main compartment, which contains enough space to accommodate book, clothes and other daily things.

Additionally, there are 4 pockets as well. Two inner pockets can help for storing small items like keys, credit cards, etc. Two side pockets for water bottle and umbrella. All these pockets help you to make everything well organized in the backpack.

Built-in USD port is a feature that can help in charging your cell phone with a USB port that is connected with your power bank placed inside the backpack. It needs to be noted that power back is a separate gadget and is not included with the backpack.

Apart from all features backpack is also impressive in terms of build. The high-quality polyester fabric makes it stretch resistant and anti-water splashing. Steel frame and reinforced edges of the main compartment keep the bag well-shaped for a long.

The company also claims top-quality customer support and offers a 100% money-back guarantee as well as a replacement in case the backpack is damaged or has some issue.

If we talk about the negative points there are weaknesses as well like not highly water-resistant material and anti-theft features.

  • Enough space to accommodate laptop & items
  • Good quality material & USB port for charging
  • No anti-theft feature
  • Not highly water-resistant material



Made with water-resistant PU leather which makes this backpack durable and long-lasting along with a gold turn clasp for easy opening and closing of the backpack.

Apart from its quality backpack also comes up with ideal storage capacity. There are 2 padded compartments. You can use, one for a 15.6-inch laptop and 1 for an iPad. Other than that there is one main compartment for placing documents and other stuff.

In addition to compartments, there are 5 internal and external pockets as well that helps in accommodating wallet, charger, notebooks, smartphone, or any other thing.

Reinforced back panel and straps help in distributing weight properly on both sides of shoulders. Not only that you can also carry it like a purse with the help of a top handle.

There are some week points as well like no built-in USD port and headphone jack support. Also, the straps are a little long and can’t be tightened enough.
Overall backpack is good if you are a working woman and looking for a backpack for your daily use.

  • Water-resistant leather backpack
  • 2 Compartments for storing laptop and item
  • 5 internal & external pockets
  • No USB port included
  • No anti-theft feature included


Choosing a laptop backpack becomes simple if you know your needs. Most of these backpacks are designed to fulfill your needs but you have to be specific about your choice. The purpose of this article was to provide you a comprehensive guide about the best women’s laptop backpacks for work. Now it’s your turn to choose which backpack you really like.