6 Tips to Prevent Pain From Laptop Backpack

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Laptop backpack is essential for any laptop since it provides comfort while carrying a laptop. But this comfort becomes a disaster when you don’t wear it properly. There are certain pains that arise like shoulder pain, back pain, and spinal problems which may lead to a major injury. So to prevent pain from laptop backpack, here are some good tips that will help you out.

6 Tips to Prevent Pain From Laptop Backpack


1. Choose Only Necessary Things

Choosing only the necessary items for your laptop backpack is one of the most important tips to prevent shoulder and back pain. While picking an item for your backpack, Always think twice whether you really need this item or not.

The more items you carry, the more risk it causes for your back. So it is always recommended to choose only necessary items for your laptop backpack.

2. Organize Backpack Properly

Not only choosing the right items are necessary, but organizing those items properly inside the backpack is also very important. Laptop backpacks are designed in a way that there are specific compartments for each gadget. If you don’t put items in their relevant compartments and pockets, it will make your backpack unbalance and put an extra load on your shoulder.

So always make sure you put stuff inside your backpack according to compartments and pockets. It will make your backpack much lighter in weight and easy to carry.

3. Use Padded Straps

Another thing that helps in preventing pain from the laptop backpack is well-padded straps. You must always consider those laptop backpacks which provide air meshed padded straps.

The advantage of using fully padded straps is that they are generally wider than normal straps and help in distributing weight properly on your shoulders as well as preventing neck and shoulder pain.

4. Centralize the Load

Centralizing the load properly inside your backpack is something most people ignore. If you didn’t centralize the load properly inside your backpack it can cause one-sided shoulder pain. So a good practice is to place a laptop and other items inside your backpack in a centralized way. In this way, the load will be distributed properly on your shoulders.

5. Use Both Straps

Most people use a single strap while wearing a backpack. It is very dangerous for your shoulder since it cause one side shoulder pain.

Make it habitual to use both straps while wearing a backpack. This will not only help you in putting complete load on both shoulders but also make your backpack balanced while you are carrying it.

6. Tight Backpack Straps

If you wear a backpack with loose shoulder straps, it will put an extra load on your shoulder muscles and backpack will feel more heavier and unbalanced to you. So always wear a backpack with tight straps. It helps in balancing shoulder load properly and makes you feel more comfortable.


Pain from a laptop backpack becomes a serious injury if you ignore it. By following the above tips, you can prevent pain from laptop backpack in your everyday life.