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7 Best Rolling Backpack For School In 2022

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Coming back from school after long schooling actives, and having 25 or 30 pounds of weight on the shoulder is very dangerous for your back. According to the American Acupuncture Therapy Association, carrying heavy backpack can cause teenage pain. In fact, ABC News report that more than 5400 children under the age of 19 went to the emergency due to heavy backpacks. So in order to prevent back and shoulder pain, a rolling backpack for schooling is a great option since it takes lots of weight off the shoulder and back. Other than that students also enjoying using such backpacks.

7 Best Rolling Backpack For School

In this article, we will talk about the 7 best rolling backpacks that are perfect for daily schooling and other short trips. we had also covered the pros, cons, and other specific features provided by these wheeled backpacks.













1. J World New York Rolling Backpack For School


At the top of the list is J World New York Sunrise Rolling It is a clean design rolling backpack made up of high-quality ripstop polyester fabric with metal frame and reinforced edges which makes this backpack more durable and long-lasting. Apart from that backpack also provides a fully water-resistant coating to keep your laptop, tablet, or other schooling stuff fully dry and safe from bad weather or water spill.

Compartments, Pockets & Straps
If we talk about the capacity, the main compartments can hold multiple books, notebooks, laptop, and other necessary schooling items. On, the front there is a large pocket to organize clips, pen holders, card slots, and other small items. Additionally, 2 sided pockets also help in keeping umbrella and water bottle.

Apart from the main compartment and pockets, the backpack comes up with fully padded mesh straps so you can carry it comfortably. You can also carry it like a suitcase with the help of a top padded handle. Also, the conversion of this backpack from rolling to wearing is very smooth. You can easily pull out straps from back pockets dedicated for straps in case you can’t roll it like on stairs or rough ground.

Handle & Wheels
From a rolling point of view backpack also comes up with a single tube aluminum handle on the top that can help in easily pull the rolling backpack for students. This handle can extend from 34 to 39 inches and can be easily fitted inside the backpack in a nested way to take very little backpack space. Other than that, the bottom of the backpack contains corner-mounted wheels which help in provides extra stability and effortless during the sidewalk.

  • High-quality rolling backpack
  • Large compartment & pockets
  • Aluminum handle & smooth wheel scrolling
  • Wheels can be affected if roll on a rough surface


2. Matein Wheeled Backpack For School



At second spot for the best rolling backpack for school is Matein. The backpack is made with polyester fabric which is a durable and long-lasting material. Apart from that backpack also provides a water-resistant bottom panel and corner guards which not only protect the stuff inside the backpack but also helps the backpack from getting damaged from the bottom cover.

Compartments, Pockets & Straps
If we look inside backpack comes up with lots of space for accommodating all your stuff. There are two separate fully padded pockets for a laptop and a tablet. Apart from that, there is a main large compartment for holding all your school books and notebooks. You can also use this main compartment for placing your clothes for a school trip. There is a second zipper compartment as well for storing your other notebooks or files.

Besides compartments, there is a front pocket for placing small schooling items and two side pockets for placing water bottle or umbrella. The backpack also includes an anti-theft feature by providing lockable metal zippers so you can protect all your stuff.

From a wearing point of view, Backpack comes up with fully adjustable straps along with zipper pockets so straps can’t be dragged while rolling.

Handle & Wheels
Besides wearing, Backpack also provides comfortable and easy rolling. At the top, there is an aluminum telescopic handle which is a fully adjustable handle according to the length of your needs. Apart from that, the corner-mounted wheels at the bottom provide easy pull of backpack on daily usage.

  • Durable polyester material rolling backpack
  • Lots of space and separate padded compartments
  • Telescopic handle and high-quality corner-mounted wheels
  • Straps can be broken with overloading of backpack


3. TILAMI School Rolling Backpack


Tilami Rolling Backpack is a durable and long-lasting rolling backpack made with fabric and designed specifically for schooling, short trips. Due to high-quality material and reliable bottom protection system backpack can easily store weight up to 30lb. Other than that backpack also provides full water resistance.

Compartments, Pockets & Straps
Compartment-wise, the backpack comes up with a large-capacity milt compartment design. The main compartment can be used to store laptops, books, notebooks, etc. You can use this compartment for storing clothes in case of short school trips.

Other than this, there is a medium-size second compartment for placing tablets, files, or other school documents. On the front side, there are 2 pockets, one large and one small pocket. The large pockets can be used to store school belonging like a pen, pencils, small notebook, etc. The other small pocket can be used to store other small schooling items. Apart from the front pockets, there are two mesh pockets on the side that can be used to store water bottles and umbrellas.

If we talk about the straps the backpack comes up with s-shaped shoulder adjustable straps along with cushioned back panel which provides comfort while carrying. Along with that, the back pockets can help in storing these straps when rolling.

Handle & Wheels
On the top, there is an 18-inch aluminum hideaway telescoping handle that can freely adjustable according to the length of your needs. On the bottom, there are two corner-mounted wheels for rolling the backpack. Also on the bottom, there is a cover for the wheels. This cover can help you to fully cover your backpack wheels to keep your clothes clean and away from dirt on the wheels

  • Stylish wheeled backpack
  • Multiple compartments & pockets
  • High-quality wheels and bottom protection system
  • Wheels can be damaged if used on a rough surface


4. JanSport Rolling Backpack



JanSport backpack is another best rolling backpack for school. With a professional look and reliable material stuff, JanSport has made an excellent reputation in the market. Other than stuff, this backpack is also available in different colors and designs, so you have multiple options to choices from.

Compartments, Pockets & Straps
If we talk about the storage the backpack has two large compartments. One main compartment can hold your basic schooling stuff like books, notebooks, files, etc. There is also a fully padded laptop section in this main compartment to protect your laptop from any outside damage. Other than the main compartment, there is a secondary compartment for placing tablets or other notebooks. Also for a small school trip, the backpack has enough space to easily accommodate all clothes and other trip essentials.

On the front, there is a small pocket for storing your small schooling items like a pen, pencil, or mini notebook. Other than that, there are two mesh design pockets on the sides of the backpack for keeping your water bottle. Backpack zip also comes with an extra piece of fabric to help you open and close the backpack easily and smoothly.

JanSport also works on straps, the backpack comes up with padded straps to wear in case of a rough surface where you can’t roll the backpack. You can even hold the backpack vertically using the top strap if the load is not too much.

Handle & Wheels
The backpack comes up with a fully padded telescopic handle so you can grip the handle quickly and easy. On the bottom, there are two corner-mounted wheels for easy rolling of the backpack. Overall this backpack is a perfect rolling backpack for schooling students.

  • Well reputed and high-quality rolling backpack
  • Large compartment and pocket for storing school items
  • Firm grip handle and smooth wheels for rolling of the backpack
  • The upper strap can be broken if hold backpack with high load


5. J World New York Rolling Backpack for School



This rolling backpack is made of high-quality and durable polyester material with a clean design and unique color specifically for schooling. Black and white patterns on the fabric make the backpack looks more classy and unique. Apart from material and design, the backpack is also available in different colors so you have different choice options.

Compartments, Pockets & Straps
Backpack comes up with a single large compartment, which can hold all your schooling items like books, notebooks, lunchbox, and other things. Due to its fully compact design, the backpack can easily fit under a seat or overhead compartment in case of travel.

On the front, there is a large pocket with pencil holders. You can use this pocket to organize and place your small schooling items like a pen, pencil. Also like most of the backpacks, there are two side pockets for placing water bottles.

The rolling backpack also includes high-quality air mesh cushion padded straps so you can comfortably wear them in case there is a rough surface or stairs. There is a slip-in system to fully secure the shoulder straps and prevent them from getting dirty while you roll the backpack. This slip-in system also helps in quickly convert the backpack from rolling to carrying.

Handle & Wheels
On the top, there is a T-shape rust-free three-stage aluminum handle with push-button. The handle provides a firm grip and helps in rolling the backpack comfortably. On the bottom, there are two corner-mounted wheels. These wheels provide noiseless rolling of the backpack and also absorb any unexpected shocks.

  • Classic design with black and white patters
  • Large main compartment and multiple pockets
  • Rust-free aluminum handle and noiseless wheels
  • Backpack material can be damaged if washed too much


6. High Sierra Wheeled Backpack For School



High Sierra is a stylish-looking rolling backpack. This rolling backpack is made up of lightweight durable fabric, which will help you in carrying your schooling stuff easily and comfortably. Apart from that, the water-resistant coating on the backpack can also help you in protecting books and other schooling stuff from any extreme weather.

Compartments, Pockets & Straps
If we look inside the Backpack comes up with one main compartment that can hold all the books, notebooks, and files. Apart from that, there is a dedicated fully padded laptop compartment so you can safely carry your laptop.

Besides that, the backpack includes multiple pockets for storing small items. The front main pocket which has a secure zip closing helps you in keeping schooling items like calculators and other stationery items. There are other small pockets as well like pen pocket and mesh pock for keeping other necessary items.

Other than compartments and pockets, the rolling backpack also added fully air-mesh padded shoulder straps so you can wear it comfortably. You can also store these straps behind the zippered back panel provided by the backpack, in case you want to roll the backpack

Handle & Wheels
On the top, there is a single tube telescopic handle with complete locking functionality for easy dragging of a backpack. Besides that, the handle can be completely packed inside the zipper cover. On the bottom, there are corner-mounted wheels with molded stick plates which helps in absorbing shocks and provides smooth and stable rolling of the backpack.

  • Durable material & water-resistant coating
  • Large compartment with separate laptop pocket
  • Telescopic handle & high-quality shock absorber wheels
  • Backpack wheels can be affected by a rough surface
  • The handle gets jammed if moved frequently


7. Targus Compact Rolling Backpack For Students


Targus backpack is another best rolling backpack for schooling. Made with high-quality and durable polyester and water-resistant coating, this backpack will help in protecting all your schooling stuff from dust and rainwater. Other than material, backpack is available in two different sizes (15.4 inches and 16 inches), so you have a choice option.

Compartments, Pockets & Straps
From the storage point of view, the backpack includes one main compartment for storing all items like books, notebooks, and other files. Other than that, there are separate fully padded compartments for the laptop and a pocket for the tablet.

Apart from compartments, the backpack includes three pockets. The front large pocket can be used for placing different schooling items like pen, pencil, calculator, etc. Other than that, there are two side pockets, one is a zipper pocket for keeping headphones or other media devices. The other pocket is a mesh pocket for placing a water bottle.

If we talk about the straps the wheeled backpack comes up with two air meshed straps for comfortable carrying of the backpack. There is also one handle on the top for carrying the backpack vertically if there is not too much load. You can also put the straps inside the dedicated back pocket while rolling to save straps from dust.

Handle & Wheels
The backpack has a high-quality fully adjustable handle which helps in rolling a backpack easily. This handle can be easily nested inside the backpack if you are not rolling the backpack. On the bottom, there are two corner wheels for moving the backpack smoothly.

  • Stylish looking rolling backpack
  • Large compartment with multiple pockets
  • Easy to carry and move from one place to other
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Backpack requires proper care and not good for rough use


Buyer Guide To Choose A Rolling Backpack For School

There are lots of rolling backpacks available in the market but how you can choose the best rolling backpack for school. These are some factors that you must consider before buying a wheeled backpack.


The main reason to buy this type of backpack is its rolling feature and wheels play a very important role in the stability and smooth-rolling of the backpack. So always go with those rolling backpack that comes with durable and fully corner-mounted wheels.


The handle is very important for a wheeled backpack since it helps in rolling a backpack properly. A high-quality rolling backpack always comes with an aluminum telescopic handle which means that it can be easily adjusted inside the backpack in a nested way. So if you are going to buy a rolling backpack make sure the rolling backpack has a telescopic handle with a firm grip and is fully adjustable according to the needs.

Compartment & Pockets

A basic function of any backpack is that it can store all necessary items. Before buying a wheeled backpack always check the number of compartment and pockets available in the backpack are up to mark, easily accessible, and fulfilling your needs. Also, check whether the backpack contains a separate padded compartment for the laptop or not. Having a separate compartment for the laptop can help you to carry your laptop comfortably.

Quick Converting

The best part of a rolling backpack is that it can be converted into a wearing backpack when required. But this conversion becomes difficult if the backpack can’t provide quick switching between rolling and wearing. Therefore before buying a wheeled backpack always check the switching mechanism of the backpack and its confront.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding rolling backpacks.

Wheeled Backpack VS Ordinary Backpack?

Although wheeled backpack is a little heavier in weight because of wheel and handle attachment, it provides great support and value in comparison with an ordinary backpack like you can drag it on the sidewalk and not carry it all the time. Other than that, a rolling backpack is perfect for students who have plenty of schooling stuff.

Two Wheels Backpack VS Four Wheels Backpack?

Weight of the backpack increases with the wheels. Two wheels backpacks are lighter in weight than 4 wheels backpack. Apart from weight, 4 wheels backpacks are costly than 2 wheels backpacks. So it is more convenient to buy 2 wheeled rolling backpack.

How To Clean A Rolling Backpack?

A backpack can be cleaned either by hand or with the help of a washing machine. But before cleaning read the small instruction book that comes with a backpack. Mostly the instruction is written on that small chart or instruction book that comes with a backpack.


All the backpacks listed above are the best rolling backpack for school. These backpacks are selected after keeping in mind schooling requirements like daily usage, capacity, comfortable carrying, and durability. Apart from that, the buying guide and FAQs will also assist you in choosing the best option according to your needs. Now it’s your turn to select the best-wheeled backpack for your school usage.

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